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                                                 Antique Farm & Barn Primitives

    Antique Double Donkey Yoke

Rare antique double donkey or mule yoke, asking $200.

      Antique Double Oxen Yoke

Antique rustic 38" long double oxen yoke, asking $65.

    Antique Double Oxen Yoke

Antique double oxen yoke with blacksmith forged hardware, it measures 42" x 7" x 5", (Sold).

           Antique Neck Yoke

Antique neck yoke, great for hauling water pails, asking $160.

     Strong Whiffle Tree & Hooks

 Strong oak 41" whiffle tree with 9" meat hooks, great  for hanging moose or deer hunting, asking $90.

       Two Man Log Carrier

 Antique two man log carrier, 48" long,                  asking $125.

         Buckeye Tractor Seat

Antique cast iron Buckeye tractor seat, mint,  (Sold).

    Frost & Woods Tractor Seat

Antique cast iron Frost & Woods tractor seat from Smiths Falls, Ont. We dropped this one and it broke, it is for sale in pieces for $50. to be brazed.

  1847 John Deer Tractor Seat

Heavy cast iron John Deer tractor seat with 1847 & deer on it, good condition, (Sold).

    Massey Harris Implement Seat

Antique cast iron Massey Harris Z82 horse drawn riding implement seat, mint condition, (Sold).

           Maxwell Tractor Seat

 Antique Maxwell cast iron farm implement or tractor  seat, type 3B, 1850-1920, (Sold).

    Antique implement Seat

Antique cast iron implement seat, (Sold)

      Antique implement Seat

    Antique cast iron implement seat, (Sold).

    Cast Aluminum Tractor Seat

 Vintage cast aluminum tractor seat,                    Bruce County, Ont. (Sold).

Cast Aluminum Tractor Seat

  Vintage cast aluminum tractor seat,                  Pioneer Dalton, Ohio, (Sold).

         Antique implement Seat

     Antique cast iron implement seat, asking $100.

        Antique implement Seat

Antique cast iron P2516 implement seat, asking $120.

      Antique implement seat

Antique cast iron implement seat, asking $100.

            Massey Mower Seat

     Antique Massey Mower seat 264, asking $140.

  1800's massive ships double block & tackle wood pulleys with 1" rope, asking $325.



      Antique & Vintage                 



1.) Two heavy duty Crosby two chive block pulleys, good for a 1/2 inch rope block and tackle, (Sold)

 2.) Antique Cast iron & wood extra large 7 1/2" pulley,  asking $100.

 3.) Antique cast iron two chive block pulleys,        asking $45.                                                                                           

4.) 3 cast iron 5 1/2" clothes line pulleys & 1950's cast iron tightener, that's new old stock (Sold).

       5.) Steel pulley, 6 ton capacity, asking $45.

        6.) Heavy cast iron pulley, (Sold).

   7.) Antique 7" hay trolley drop pulley, (Sold).

          8.) Antique 9" well pulley, (Sold).

9.) Wortman & Ward hay trolley pulley, (Sold).

  10.) Aluminum pulley with snap hook, asking $35.

      11.) Antique single block pulley, asking $35.

12.) Two antique 2 chive block pulleys,                asking $40. each.

 13.) Louden sling set, double &  single pulleys, $120.

14.) Louden sling set double trolley pulley, asking $75.

15.) Louden sling set single trolley pulley,            asking $55.

           16.) Antique 4 1/2" pulley, (Sold).

    17.) 3 Antique cast iron & wood pullies, (Sold)

18.) Emerson & Campbell trolley pulley, (Sold)

    19.) Two 5" hay trolley drop pulleys, (Sold).

         20.) Antique 7" well pulley, asking $75.                                                                      

21.) Heavy industrial galvanized pulley for 2" cable,  asking $45.

     Antique Milk & Cream Cans

1.) Renfrew milk can,13" dia. x 24" high,, asking $75.
2.) No name milk can, 13" dia. x 24" , asking $60.
3.) Palm Daries cream can, 10 1/2" dia. X 20", $100.

         Antique Steel Wheels

1.) Five 16" steel wheels, asking $40. to $45. each.
2.) Two 20" steel wheels, asking $60. each
3.) One 22" steel wheel, asking $75.
4.) Two 25" steel wheels with partial axles,  (Sold).

    Antique Dairy Cream Cans

1.) Briars Dairy, Paisley creamery cream can,          13" dia. x 18" high, (Sold).
2.) Silverwoods Kitchener cream can,                      11" dia. x 19" high, asking $85.
3.) Pembroke Creamery cream can,                        10" dia. x 24" high, (Sold).
4.) Blue Ribbon Dairy cream can,                            10" dia. x 24" high, asking $60.
5.) S.M.P. Cream can with sight gauge & spout,          9" dia. x 20" high, asking $40.

    Calf-Teria Weaning Milk Pail

Vintage Calf-Teria calf weaning milk pail with hanger bracket, for milk feeding calves,asking $25.

      Antique Cast Iron Wheels

1.) Set of 2 cast iron 11" wheels, asking $100.
2.) One 11 1/2" fancy cast iron wheel, (Sold)

    5' Wood Step Ladder

Antique weathered gray 5' high step ladder,        asking $45.

      Handle for Wagon or Cart

Antique wood handle for wagon or cart, 36" long x 12" wide cross handle In cast iron bracket, asking $40.

    Antique Cream Can

  Antique Palm Daries steel cream can,      10 1/2" dia. X 20" tall, asking $100.

    Copper Cream Can

Antique copper cream can, Cherry Burrell                      Corporation, 10" dia. x 20" tall, (Sold).                                                 

    Antique Heath Hay knives

Heath upright hand & foot operated hay knifes, used for sectioning loose hay that was compressed in hay mows in the barn.
1.) Turner 1878 model, all cast iron parts on it except the riveted knife blades, (Sold).
2.) 1897 Sears Roebuck model, (Sold).
3.) 1928 models, are pressed steel, (Sold). 
The Heath upright hay knife was invented by William W. Heath of Cazenovia, New York, Patented April 16, 1878.

     Antique Bull Shit Shovel

Antique bull shit, grain or coal shovel, in good condition, just surface rust , no handle. This shovel was factory made this way, for farmers, to keep from spilling grain when loading feed bags or to shovel sloppy bull sh#t, so it doesn't splash back at you, or for blacksmiths and trains on the railroad as a coal shovel, its a very neat and unusual shovel. Asking $45.

    Antique Two Hand Sythes

Two Antique hand sythes, one with 18" brush blade                & one with 22" grain or hay blade, asking $60. each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

      Antique Pitch Forks

1.) One extra large 4 tine pitch fork, asking $45.
2.) One regular 3 tine pitch fork, (Sold).

         Logging Pickaroon

 Logging 7" timber pickaroon, 36" handle, (Sold).

         Logging Cant Hooks

1.) Four antique cant hooks with handle,(Sold).
2.) Vintage cant hook with broken handle,(Sold)

        Barn Hay Trollies

1.) 1898. Emerson & Campbell #7 hay trolley, with drop down pulley, asking $300.
2.) 1909 Beatty Bros. Limited hay trolley with drop down pulley, asking $320
3.) Louden Junior hay trolley with drop down pulley, asking $260 .

       16 Barn Track Brackets

 16 antique cast iron barn track rail brackets, eve  mounting brackets for hay trollies, by B. T. Bros. They  measure about 7" x 4", asking $10. each or 3 for $20.

         Antique hay trolley fork, asking $65.

Makes great rustic picture frame or mirror stand.         

                    Log Tongs

Antique heavy duty hand forged log tongs, asking $65.

    50 Lb. Horse Tether Weights

 Antique 1800's cast iron 50 Lbs. horse tether weights,  two Michigan 50 lbs. and one DC 50 lb. (Sold).    

          Horse Collar Hames

Two pairs of antique horse collar hames, one wood pair and one steel pair, asking  $25. for  each pair.

  Cast Iron Horse Teeth Float

Antique cast iron horse teeth float, to file down the teeth of horses, it measures 21" long with a wood handle, asking $25.

            Antique Log Dogs

Two antique loggging log dogs with rings, made of high carbon steel, great for forging with, asking $45. each.

       Antique Cast Iron Hanger

 Antique cast iron horse drawn single tree, 26 inches  long, great for hanging decorations, asking $85.

       Antique Whiffle Trees

 Antique horse drawn whiffle trees,                      asking $25. to $50.  each.

       Brush Grubbing Claws

Large brush grubbing claws, great for pulling alders with the roots for clearing land, weighs 20 lbs.(Sold).

                Hand Sickle

 One antique thick blade,hand sickle, asking $35. 

    Antique Hay & Pulp Hooks

1.) One antique hay hook, (Sold) 
2.) One vintage pulp hook, (Sold).

     Sycle Mower Blade Grinder

Hand crank, clamp on, sycle mower blade grinder, asking $65.

     Antique Track Door Rollers

Two antique cast iron barn door track roller brackets, one is a Richards-Wilcox & one Beatty Bros. Limited, asking $160. for the two.

  Vintage Track Door Rollers

Two vintage steel barn door track roller brackets, asking $80. for the pair.

       Barn Door & Gate Hinges

Antique hand forged barn door & gate pintle strap hinges and pins, asking $5. to $20. each.

      Horse Harness Hardware

1.) Pony belly band with solid brass rings, asking $20.
2.) Harness hooks with D-ring & other parts,$10. each.
3.) 15 solid nickel buckles & brass buckles, $25.
4.) 2 brass horse hanes balls & brass medalions,$25.

      Plough Knife Coulter 

Antique hand or riding plough knife coulter,      measures 19 1/2" x 2" x 3/8", asking $25.

            32' Logging Chain

 32' of 1/2" by 2 1/2" links, heavy logging chain with  slip & grab hooks, asking $200.

      Skidding Log & Post Tongs

1.)  Antique hand forged log skiding tongs, weigh about 20 lbs. (Sold).
2.) Antique hand forged fence post skiding tongs, weigh about 5 lbs. (Sold).

    3 Antique Logging Chains

 Two 9 ' of 1/2" by 2 3/4" links antique logging chain  with slip ring on end, weighs 20 lbs. each, & one 13'  chain with two rings, weighs 35 lbs. (Sold).