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                                               Newer & Vintage Hand Tools

   K. Miller Tool Cable Stripper

K. Miller Tool & Manufacturing Co. coaxial cable stripper, model 300 WE, with wood case, asking $20.

      Ampco Bronze Scraper

 Ampco Bronze 6" Screpper S23, scraper blade.          It is non-sparking, (Sold).

Lufkin 30m-100' tape measure

Lufkin #HYT30CME 30m-100' speedwinder tape measure, asking $20.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Desmond Grinding Wheel Dresser

Desmond Huntington No. 1 grinding wheel dresser, asking $25.

    S.S. Parts Cleaning Cabinet

Stainless steel parts cleaning cabinet with two compartments with s. s. screen and hinged lid. The smaller compartment has a drain hole in it with a small copper pipe on the bottom. It measures 16 1/2" x 12" x 10" on outside, inside measurements are 14 1/2" x 11" x 8". (Sold).

    Ratchet Cutter & Crimper

1.) Greenlee #45207 ratchet electrical wire cable cutters, 2" capacity, (Sold).
2.) Hubbell Electrical / Burndy OH25 Hytool, one handed dieless full cycle ratcheting crimper tool, designed to install 5/8 Inch INSULINK and LINKIT service entrance connectors, asking $70.                 

          Goodyear 1/2" Air Hose

 Heavy Duty GoodYear 1/2" Explorer Air Mine Hose   300psi 2.1 MPa   W.P. Goodyear™ Made in USA ,   50' long, never used, asking $120.

       Kuny's Leather Tool Roll

 Kuny's WR-203 chisel or wrench 14 slot leather tool   roll with fold down flap, it measures 30" x 21", like new,   asking $30.

  Record #169 Bench Stop

Record #169 bench stop, made in England, like new, never used, asking $30.                                                                                                                                                                            

            3" Dia. Forstner Bit

3" diameter Forstner Bit with wood case, (Sold).

            Veritas 1" Tenon Cutter

Veritas 1" tenon cutter, for making log furniture, (Sold).

              GreenLee Tools

1.) Greenlee L107 torpedo level, (Sold)
2.) Greenlee DTAPKIT drill & tap kit, $30.
3.) Greenlee #0154-12C composite handle 12" or 300mm adjustable wrench, asking $40.

          6 Irwin Vise Grip Pliers

6 Irwin Vise Grip Pliers, 7R, 10R, 10LW, 12LC, 20R & 11SP, like new condition, asking $120. for all of them.

      Snap-On 3/8 Drive Sockets

Snap-On 3/8 drive ratchet, 3" extension, sockets 7/8, 13/16, 3/4, 11/16, 5/8, 1/2, 5/16, 1/4 all in 6 points, and a 9/16 swivel socket, (Sold).

Westward 1/2" drive Impact Sockets

Set of 16 Westward 1/2" drive impact sockets with  case, Model No. PSK1217, (Sold)

        Automatic Tape Measure

 Black & Decker AutoTape, 25' automatic one hand operation tapemeasure, Can be used as a powered  or manual tape measure, uses  four AAA batteries,   asking $30.

               Air Tools

Mechanic or machinist air tools, 3/8" air drill, 1/2" and 3/8" impacts, straight and right angle die grinders, air nozzle and air chuck, (Sold)

   2 Klein Cable Pullers

1.) Klein 1604-20 Haven grip wire cable puller, 5000 lb. max. for .125 to .50 cable, (Sold) 
2.) Klein 1628-16AT Chicago grip wire cable puller, 15000 lb. max. for .31 to .62 cable,  (Sold)

        Channellock Pliers

Channellock #460 pliers 4 1/4" jaw, 16" pliers, (Sold) Channellock #414 pliers 2" jaw capacity 13 1/2"  nutbuster pliers, asking $25.

            Victor 315 Torch

1.) Victor #315 Oxy-Acetylene cutting, welding, brazing torch with extra tip, (Sold).
2.) Hornung, made in Germany, torch, asking $25.

   Sears Paint Pot & Sprayer

Sears sprayer and pressure tank paint pot, plus a container of sprayer parts, (Sold).


                  Picks, asking $25. each.

            Sledge Hammers

1.) The two top sledge hammers are $25. each.
2.) The middle antique 12 lb. sledge hammer is $45.
3.) The bottom two railroad sledge hammer heads are $30. each.

          Two Bolt Cutters

Two bolt cutters, the 36 inch one is $50.
and the 24 inch one is $25.

           2 Pipe Benders

1.) Gardner Bender 931 3/4-Inch EMT/1/2-Inch Rigid Aluminum Hand Bender, asking $25.
2.) F.E.C. #B0A9 ridgid steel pipe bender, asking $25.

            Ridgid Tube Bender

 Ridgid No. 396 tube bender, 3/8 O.D. 15/16 radius,    asking $20.

Greenlee 06923 Hole Cutter

Greenlee 06923 Quick Cutter, Adjustable recessed drywall hole saw, asking $20.

               Chain Binders

       Chain binders, asking $20. To $25. each.

      Hilti DX 100 L Nail Gun

Older Hilti DX 100 L nail gun takes a 25 caliber load, with steel case and accessories, asking $35.

          Klein Screwdrivers

Klein 4 piece torx, T-30, T-27, T-25, T-20, plus #3 Robertson screwdriver, asking $25. for all 5.

     Ridgid Ratchet Head & Dies

Ridgid 00-R ratchet head, 1", 3/4" & 1/2" dies, (Sold).

       Mechanics Pullers & Press

 Mechanics heavy duty pullers and one press,          one wheel hub puller, Made in the U.S.A                  asking $50. for the 3.

               Jack Stands

 Two strong machinist made jack stands, adjust from 10 1/2"  to 16 1/2", asking $25. for the pair.

      Extendable Magnetic Level

 Extendable aluminum magnetic level, it extends from  72 inches to 128 inches, with 5 level vials.          asking $120.

       Barjan strap load guards

 8 new Barjan strap load guards for corners, item No.  047-900, made of a heavy yellow plastic. They  measure about 5" x 4". asking $10. for all 8.

           Propane Heater

15-25,000 BTU convection propane heater,                 It measures 12" x 12" x 12" , (Sold). 

    Cylinder Hone Model R 192

 New Britain, cylinder hone glaze breaker Model        R- 192,  patent #2.782.572, (Sold).

     Chainsaw sharpening Tools

 Chainsaw sharpening jig, raker gauge & file,        asking $20.

 Miller Retractable lanyard

 Miller model 8327, ten foot retractable,                    fall arrest, lanyard, (Sold).

       Hi-Heats Welding Mitts

Pair of Sandstorm Hi-Heats 600L welding mitts, asking $10.

                  Tiger Torch

    Tiger torch with hose and regulator, asking $85.

       Lufkin Surveying Tape

 Lufkin 100' Surveying and Engineer's Tape Measure,  asking $45.

           Garden Claw Gold

 The Garden Claw is great for cultivating, loosening,  aerating, & weeding any type of soil, (Sold).

          Aluminum Pike poles

1.) Aluminum 12' pike pole,  asking $85.
2.) Aluminum 9 1/2' scaling bar, asking $75.

       DoALL Band Saw Blade

Vintage DoALL band saw 1/4" blades case with carbon alloy steel blade inside, asking $30.

 Tiffany's Tools for Ladies

 Brand new designer case set of Tiffany's  Tools, pliers, hammer, screwdriver, tape  measure, adjustable wrench, needle-nose  pliers and utility knife. Cost $120. asking  $35.  Tiffanystools.com 

          Hammer Impact Drivers

1.)  Y.T. manual hammer 3/8" impact driver E-6348, with  attachment, 4 bits & metal case, asking $25. 
2.) CIC manual hammer 1/2" impact driver , $20.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

          Leather Strap Wrench

 26" Leather strap wrench, Reed Mfg. Co.                    asking $25.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  Bashlin Aluminum Gaffs Spikes

 Pair of W.M. Bashlin Co. aluminum pole or tree  climbing gaff spikes spurs with pads, (Sold).

          Var #01 Bicycle Tool

 Vintage Var #01 Bicycle or moped freewheel removal  tool, Made in France, (Sold).

     Construction Tool Pouches

 Five tool pouches or nail pouch, electricians           tool pouch, construction pouch, etc. Most               are Kuny's.made of canvas, leather or vinyl.         Most are $20. each and the electricians             leather tool pouch is $40.

12 1/2" Blair Equipment Co. auto body crimper bender pliers, asking $20.

16" Kongsberg No. 92 adjustable wrench pliers, asking $35.                      

 14" Trimo 1916 pipe wrench, asking $20.                                                                                                                                                      

 1/2" x 1/2" square Emco Wheaton B5 wrench,     valve wrench for petrol tankers / gasoline trucks,   asking $10.

 1 11/16" x 30" long Warren #79 heavy equipment   wrench, asking $25.                                                 

24" HOPPE super, stillson-pattern pipe wrench, $20.
18" ETF. Ltd. stillson-pattern pipe wrench, $15.
10" McKinnon stillson-pattern pipe wrench, $10.
8" ETF. Ltd. stillson-pattern pipe wrench, $10.

20" Proto #720-L, adjustable wrench, (Sold).

15 " Gray #BW-15, and a 15" Westward #AW-15, adjustable wrenches. asking $40  each.

6" & 8" Proto #706 & #708, adjusable wrenches . Both  (Sold).

 Two 14" Gray curve style, asking $25. each,  
 Two 12" Westcott curve style, asking $20. each,  
 Two 10" Gray curve style,, asking $20  each.

1 1/4" Williams #208, iron workers spud wrench, $20..

10" Ridgid #710 adjustable wrench,                     asking $20.

Ridgid & Westward pipe wrenches 6" to 24", asking $20. to $40. each. (Some are sold).

   Bluepoint PWC-30 crimper, cutter, pliers, (Sold)

 Buchanan electrical products corporation, Pres-Sure-  Tool C-24, twist all wires, asking $15.

  1953 Snap-On #208 with vacuum grips, asking $10.

 Eifel flash plieRench, Patent 5-2-1916, Flashsls  Chicago, asking $40.

HandKlip #690T cutter, made by H.K. Porter Inc. wire cutters, Parrot-beak jaws with center-cut blades to grasp wire and staples. Asking $20.

          #100 Pexto 10" tin snips, asking $10.

Vintage P-D-Q wheel weight removers, pliers, cutter,   hammer, screwdriver, combination tool, asking $25.

Antique spring spreader pliers, hammer,             asking $20.

1914 Bernard's shoe button tool, stapler, pliers, cutter, Schollhorn Co. Newhaven Conn. Paragon, $20. http://www.datamp.org/patents/displayPatent.php?id=45109

 Two antique Union Whitcher 1887 lasting pinchers,   pliers, hammer, asking $30. each.

Antique J.M.C. forged J-clip crimper pliers,         asking $25.

Vintage knob & claw pincer, nail remover, asking $20.

  Vintage steel holder, lug crimper, pliers, asking $20.

                                                                                       Vintage Wynn, Timmins & Co. Ltd. Birmingham,   England, Heart brand rivet set pliers,  $15.

Antique Brown Boggs & Co. Tin snips, asking $40.

 Vintage fencing pliers, staple puller, wire cutter,   hammer, asking $20.

 Knu-Vise #P-400, locking pliers, welding clamp,   asking $20.